In order to be able to study the master's degree in creative photography, the student must have a highly interiorised photographic technique. However, it is necessary to go deeply into certain aspects that, due to their complexity or specificity, the student has not had the opportunity to know or develop. Knowing how to combine artificial lighting with natural light so that they are balanced, is just an example of what the creative photographer should know how to apply.

The 3D applied to photography is also a field open to the exploration of the digital creator that requires a specific photographic technique, adapted to the medium to which it is intended.


  • Study review, type of modifier, measurement of light and contrast control.
  • Outside (outside set). Work only with a light source and ambient light as a secondary. Integrated and invisible light
  • Sophisticated light, portraits with more than 3 light sources, creating a sense of ingenuity with light.
  • Schemes of light, beauty and character, differences and characteristics.
  • Use of TTLs, HSS, multichots, with new lighting technologies. Doubts and overview.
  • 3D applied to photography.
  • Layout
  • Fotollibre.
  • Printing
  • Interactivity between photography and audiovisual environments.
  • Storytelling the mixed story photography and video (Storytelling is the art of telling a story, so that it generates emotions and establishes a union with a special meaning for the listener).

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