Since the beginning of the twelfth century, the development of chemical processes has given way to digital revelation. The current photographer and artist must know the workflow in the digital environment thoroughly, because this will be one of the most important instruments that he will use to develop his creativity and originality and can help him define his style staff



  • Review and deepen layers, masks and forms of selection.
  • Correction of images, different frequency separation systems, cloning, loop and correction brush. Structure of the image.
  • Correction of color and light. Curves, Dodge and Burn (D & B), layers of color, tone and saturation, selective correction.
  • Use of plugins and doubles revealed. Review and deepening in the development of RAWs.
  • Modification of the forms, cloning, liquefying, deforming, correcting.
  • Doubts and overview of all the techniques we have used.

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