The price to study the Master in Creative Photography is €3500.


The University School ERAM and the University of Girona Foundation offer discounts for individuals and companies: 

Discounts for individuals:

  • Members of the AENTEG, GiDi and El Gallinero entities: 10% discount
  • Student and former student EU ERAM (minimum of 40h): 20% discount
  • Student and former student GAM or GAE: 40% discount
  • Student and former UdG: 10% discount
  • Students and former of the FUdGIF, who have completed a Master's degree, Postgraduate Diplomas or specialization Diplomas: 10% discount
  • People with Disabilities: 

      For disabled people equal to or superior than 33%: 5% discount
      For disabled people equal to or superior than 65%: 10% discount
      In both cases it is necessary to present a certificate from the Catalan Institute of Social Assistance and services ICASS, or equivalent.

  • Large families (must present the accreditation card): 5% discount
  • People who are standing (with a minimum of 6 months unemployed or who are currently charging the unemployment benefit. The supporting document must be presented): 5% discount

Discounts for companies:

  • Companies that perform or have made custom training with the FUdGIF: 10% discount
  • Companies that enroll workers within the same course (the same academic course)

              Two or three license plates: 10% discount 
              From four license plates: 15% discount 


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