Admission to ERAM College is based on academic ability and potential for success and a certain level of knowledge is required. The evaluation will be taken through four steps; delivery of a digital portfolio, application form and extra material,an online interview and acceptance. Enrollment in a process takes approximately one month to complete.

To gain a place at ERAM College, the following steps are to be taken and the appropriate documents submitted to the Admission Department before the student can be considered for admission listed below.

Step 1 Application Form and delivery of Portfolio 

The contact details are as follows:

Admission Department

ERAM College

Factoria Cultural Coma Cros (F3C)

Carrer Sant Antoni nº1, Salt Spain

Apart from the application form the following supportive documentation is required:

  1. Certified copy of official Secondary School/ Academic transcript(s) (transfer and exchange students)*

    We accept a range of qualifications from all over the world for entry onto our courses. In order to be considered for admission to ERAM College, the student must have an accredited secondary school record that clearly demonstrates both his/her ability and motivation. Secondary School applicants must have completed graduation requirements and have a minimum average of 60%.
    There are no prerequisites subjects.
    *bears the ink stamp and signature by an official of a translating company or an authorized university official contains the stamp and signature on each page includes a statement of authenticity on the last page
  2. Proof of English proficiency

    It is crucial that the applicant can read, write, speak and understand English fluently in order to fully benefit from the course and the internship ERAM College offers. Applicants must demonstrate English language competence enough to be able to contribute actively to classroom discussions, interact effectively with classmates from diverse backgrounds, and communicate effectively in written examinations, group projects and oral presentations.

    Applicants who have not lived in a country where English is the acknowledged primary language or attended an educational institution full-time where the medium of instruction is English for the most recent three years prior to beginning their university studies must achieve a satisfactory score on one of the tests of facility in English.Our minimum entry requirements for the above mentioned tests are:
    • IELTS: Minimum 6.0
    • TOEFL: (paper based) - minimum 550
    • TOEFL: (computer based) - minimum 213
    • TOEFL: (internet based) - minimum 80
    • GCE: C
    • GCSE: C
    • FCE: A
    • CPE: C
    • CAE: C
    • SAT: 510
    • ACT: 21
    • APIEL: 3
    • EAP: C
    • GMAT: 600
    • ELPtT: 956
    • GPA: 3
    • IB English Language: 5

    If the applicant has not reached this level we may decide to offer him/her a place subject to attending an English language foundation course at ERAM College prior to the programme commencement.
  3. Statement of Purpose

    The student is required to demonstrate why he/she considers himself/herself to be a suitable applicant. The statement of Purpose is a chance to demonstrate unique qualifications for and commitment to the student's chosen field by discussing those experiences, people, and events that compelled him/her to pursue it. The statement of purpose should be handwritten and about 300 words in length. It will be evaluated based on substance and style, that is, his/her individual experiences and accomplishments, as well as how he/she communicate them. This includes spelling, grammar and syntax as well as readability.
  4. Academic Reference

    The applicant should also submit two academic references. The referees should be able to comment on student's performance during his/her studies and therefore should preferably be professors who have taught the applicant although it can also be obtained from his/her current or ex- employer, in case if the student has work experience.
  5. Bank statement

    Finally the applicant should send a certified bank statement from his/her or his/her sponsor's bank proving the solvency.
  6. A copy of the passport and one digital photography

    In addition to satisfying all the regular requirements, although not required for admission, work experience as well as involvement in organizational or community activities may be used in the evaluation.We are not able to make a decision unless we have received all of the required documents!

Step 2 Interview

After applying to ERAM College, the student will be contacted outlining the next steps. We use email as an important means of communication, so the applicants are advised to check their email addresses frequently!

Providing all documentation is in order the applicant can expect we will contact him/her within 2 weeks following his/her application in order to schedule an interview.

For international students who are not currently in Spain a online or telephone interview is arranged.


Step 3 Acceptance

Once we have reviewed the documentation and have the result of the interview we contact the applicant within 2 weeks in order to notify him/her about the final decision. If accepted the student may receive unconditional or conditional offer, depending on certain  m criteria being met, sent to him/her by e-mail.


Step 4 Enrollment

Acceptance of an offer of enrollment into a course of study is completed once the University has received full payment of the enrollment fee.

If the applicant decides to make a firm acceptance of the offer, then the payment of the Enrollment Fee is due during 30 working days following the receipt of the offer.

Upon receipt of payment confirmation sent to us by fax or e-mail the admission process is fully completed and shortly the student receives a confirmation in the enrollment letter. Enrollment fees are accepted according to a strict chronological order of receipt of payment until that time when the number of available student slots is completed.

In the case of non-European students, after paying the enrollment fee we will issue the Acceptance Letter necessary for visa purposes and only when the student obtains the visa he/she is required to pay the Tuition Fee.

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