Mapping and live video with Resolume


Discover the possibilities of the video jockey software (VJ) and create a project to do with overlapping objects.

The masking is a technique that adapts video content to different surfaces, creating a "light skin", and achieving fascinating results. Applied to buildings, scenery, museums, caves, people and a multitude of objects.

In this 100% practical workshop we will experience playing with the possibilities of the VJ tools and the techniques to create an audio collage.

They will use images and videos of archive, or generated by the same student. We will learn to make layers, masks, warping, automation, interactivity, control for MIDI ...
We will combine real elements with virtual elements (projected). We will learn how to create installations and how to make visuals for musicians.

Included we will project on a model of a building!



Students, professionals and curious eager to learn by playing and experimenting.


If you have video loops and USB controllers, bring them. (not necessary)


15% discount for associates and associates of the Girona photography associations.

Discounts not cumulative

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