Video for web and social networks (realization, production, distribution and promotion)


In a context in which information and communication technologies are ubiquitous, it is necessary to offer a training with which students with very different interests (in technological, scientific, social or humanistic disciplines) are they prepared to present the information about the various fields of knowledge in an attractive and understandable way to the receivers, that is, as the citizens of today expect to receive it.

In this sense, to be able to help to know and to dominate the characteristics and the techniques of the audiovisual language and to reach its concretion in the elaboration of products in different formats, justifies the necessity to offer the diploma that is shown here, which, very surely, it will respond to a demand from the population that wants to be well prepared to communicate using the resources that technology puts at their disposal.

Also, it will be availabe to the students the knowledge of thechannels of distribution and online promotion for products and audiovisual promotions. 


Camera and editing
- Audiovisual realization
- Audiovisual production
- Postproduction
Live Streaming


- To identify and analyse the characteristics of the main elements of the audiovisual language.
- To know the processes of pre-production, production and postproduction for the total preparation of audiovisual documents (web video, reportage, publicity, etc.)
- To train the students to understand the whole audiovisual process, from the generation of content or production to get from the idea to the images that explain it and its postproduction.
- Learn the audiovisual performance, know how to use the video camera and how to illuminate.
- Be able to effectively manipulate professional video editing software.
- Be able to distribute and promote an online video.

Professional outings

- Video producer for web.
- Technician in audiovisual media for web
- Operator-ENG, assistant or camera assistant
- Assembler, assistant or mounting assistant
- Helper or production assistant
- Small/medium format audiovisual productor



Aimed at people who want to learn the techniques of realization and production of audiovisual projects; From the conception of the idea, the development of the project, the recording, the assembly and its editing and digital compression; In addition to learning how to make a correct promotion and distribution of network videos.


It is highly recommended to have an average level of use in computer media.

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