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Graphic design in Catalonia has become a clear added value to economic activity, and has often been defined as an important cultural value by itself. It represents the identity of a historical moment and a social group. The strong core of this activity is concentrated in the city of Barcelona, where it has come to be considered that the city is a well-designed brand.

Girona, thanks to its proximity, benefits from the influences and the solid culture of design that takes place in the Catalan capital, and manges to offer some studies that, far from elitis, cultivate critical and skillsful promotions to be able to define the graphic design from a local point of view and with a global cultural base.

In the information society, to train professionals in a local context guarantees torebound the creation of a modern graphic identity within the Girona regions and allows entrepreneurs to solve their needs with professionals who know the local aesthetics. 

Study plan

  • Photoshop (bitmap images)

Analyze the basic elements of the digital image, as well as the tools of the program that are used in the professional sector to manipulate and to treat this type of images.

  • Illustrator (vector images)

Understand the mathematical method of making vector images. Use of the specific program to create and edit images of this type.

  • Indesign (layout, prepress and postprint)

Learn the use of the program and the concept and use of layout and reticles.

  • History of Art and graphic design

Introduction artistic-historical to graphic design as a medium expressive of masses in the twentieth century (Arts & Craft, avant-garde, Bauhaus, Constructivism...). Main schools and current trends.

  • Fundamentals of graphic design

Acquire the necessary vocabulary to be able to analyze the elements of the design. To learn how to analyze graphic works and develop the appropriate sensibility to be able to create solid and coherent proposals.

  • Techniques applied to graphic arts

Study of the history of the graphic arts focused on the artistic techniques used in its practice.

  • Final Course Project

Practical application of the knowledge acquired throughout the course with the objective of obtaining a professional result that serves as a sample in the curriculum.



  • Effectively manipulate professional graphic design programs (especially Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign)
  • Acquire theoretical knowledge of the history of art and the history of graphic design.
  • Create a space for reflection and debate around graphic design.
  • To enhance the creativity of the participants.
  • Know and practice the processes used in the field of design, from engraving to digital printing, and be able to contextualize them in history.
  • To carry out a project of final of course that demonstrates the capacities and the aptitude to work professionally.


Professional outings

  • Graphic Design Assistant in a design studio or advertising agencies.
  • Post-printing assistant in Printers.
  • Digital Image retoucher.
  • Printed publication layout.



Aimed at people who want to learn how to do graphic design projects.


It is not necessary to have previous qualification, but if it is advisable to have a level of average use of computer media.

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