Photographic technique


Practical classes of introduction to the technique and the use of the camera, combined with theoretical classes. Projects will be carried out in the areas of basics of photography, photoreporting, portrait, photographic retouching and lighting.



  • Learn the technical functioning of the camera.
  • Know how to interpret and transmit information (event, feeling).
  • Know how to use the basic elements of Visual Communication.
  • Learn how to use and differentiate different photographic media.
  • Learn how to manipulate the image with the old and new technologies.
  • Learn to master photography applications.


  • Retouching and digital tools.
  • Photographic technology.
  • Photojournalism.
  • Creativity.
  • Photographic lighting.
  • Portrait.
  • Advanced retouching and digital tools.


To people who start in the world of photography and who want to learn how to use photography as a means of expression of their ideas and/or to carry out professional assignments.


15% discount for associates and associates of the Girona photography associations.

Discounts not cumulative

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