Univers Soniric

End of degree project


The word synaesthesia is defined in two words, union and feel. They are the senses mixed with the perception. People with synaesthesia are lucky enough to see the colours of the music, the ‘shape’ of the tastes how to taste, the position of numbers and endless combinations as the diversity of people who exist in the world. It turns out that before a stimulus as a physical object, a sound, a letter; They first have the most experience but then their perception becomes a subjective feeling itself and another sensory modality. That’s why many people with artistic inquisitiveness and this perception make use of a new kind of art, called the synaesthetic art.

“Univers Soníric” is a metaphor consisting of three words: Universe, and dreamlike sound to refer to synaesthesia between music and painting. The word “universe” refers to synaesthesia because it is relatively little known about it, but gradually in the field of psychology, science and the arts is explored a bit more every day. The project is a challenge for those people who want to participate in an experiment to see if people without synaesthesia can also use the resource of synaesthesia as a creative tool. “Univers Soníric” has searched between the sounds of the subconscious, musical notes to talk about feelings and past experiences. These notes are the main stars of five different songs with a piano base; “Aura”, “Feelings”, “Dream”, “Llum” and “Hear the voice”. Each song can be transformed into a plastic work, every melody, rhythm and harmony into movement, colour or shape. 





Daniel Sánchez