The automatic writing app - Consequences



This application is inspired by the technique of the Exquisite Corpse.

For those who don't know it, the Exquisite Corpse technique was created by the Surrealist collective in the twentieth century. This technique explores the possibilities of creating texts and images in groups. Each participant makes partial contributions of what will be the final work. The aim of this technique is to achieve a playful, spontaneous, intuitive, group and anonymous and accidental creation, as automatic as possible.

The app consists of the fact that the user writes a part of a story from the previous input of another user of the application. At the time of writing, the user has the title of the story and a keyword generated randomly to guide and inspire their contribution. From the preceding contribution, each user can make a contribution of at most 900 characters. Once done, it will only be necessary to send the contribution to the database of the application to create step by step the history.




Jordi Márquez


Pol Valverde, Clara Camps



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