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MISERICORDIA: The symbiosis of the channels of artistic expression within urban music

End of degree project


This project was born with the intention of promoting contemporary artistic expression, especially the multi-disciplinary language so characteristic of the younger generations. It wishes to explore all the possibilities offered by new media. Under this philosophy, Misericordia appears: a team name that aims to bring together creatives and promote their works, closely linked to the urban music scene.

Venus is the first project of this team and is based on the composition of a musical piece and the making of a video clip to accompany it. This clip will tell a story, in a way that enhances the viewer's experience while listening to the song, under a key concept: the search for love in external figures and its consequences. The goal is to create unique synergies between the song and the video, in order to convey the expected message.

In the clip, in a small church, a priest prepares to carry out the first communion of two children from town. Meanwhile, the little boy prepares to try to draw the attention of the girl who attends. He is helped by a character dressed as a Roman, born of his imagination. But in the middle of the ceremony, they decide to escape, fleeing from the adults. In the end it will be discovered if that is really what the boy was looking for and what role the priest plays in this story.




José Luis Corazón


Rubén Pubill

Making Of



Rubén Pubill

Rubén Pubill