La gepa de les verges (i ni gepa ni verge)

Performing Arts


Performing Arts Degree Final Project

It's a scenic piece that speaks of us and a specific generation of young women, now and here. This woirk becomes the speaker of our common landscape.

We understand art as a language that transcends everyday reality and allows us to capture the life that surrounds and covers us, from another perspective. Our landscape is beautiful, raw, and wildly real. This cannot be separated from a political act, since everything ends up being it and consequently every decision.

We are territory, the layers that make us, history. Our links, us. We are landscape. We are everything that surrounds us. We are simply one more being within this circular landscape.

Artistic file:

- Creation, interpretation and direction: Eva Grabuleda López del Castillo and Berta Castells Grau.
- Musical production: Àngel Gómez and Berta Castells.
- Audiovisual support and photography: Iris Medina Coll and Quim Gibert.
- Video and lighting: Arnau Olivé.
- Acknowledgments: Sílvia Escuder, Xicu Masó, Clàudia Ferrer and José Sorroche.
- A co-production by: Escola Universitària ERAM-UDG
- Collaborators: Diables de l'Onyar / Escola de dansa Nou Espiral / Teatre el Canal.

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Eva Grabuleda, Berta Castells



Berta Castells

Berta Castells