Infectio Project

End of degree groupal project


Transmedia fiction project that contains different platforms, which are essential for understanding the whole story: a short science fiction film where a virus has exterminated almost all of humanity, except a few survivors who live underground. One of them, 'X', decides to go up to the world to meet with his wife and take her with him, but there is some other surprises waiting to be discovered...; a web page with the thematic of the short; a blog where a woman explains how she is experiencing this illness that is ending with everyone; and a comic about about the life of 'X' in the underground and the reasons why he decided to goes up to earth.


Media and platforms

- Short film
- Web
- Comic book
- Social networks




Oriol Jimenez, Guillem Tarres, Adela Ponce, Pep Roca, Sara Rodriguez, Berta Nicolau, Oriol Costa

Making Of


Oriol Jimenez

Oriol Jimenez

Guillem  Tarres

Guillem Tarres

Adela Ponce

Adela Ponce

Pep Roca

Pep Roca