Images that speak 'the power to communicate by illustrating'

End of degree project


The main reason of study in this research project focuses on illustration. This will be reflected with the realization of an illustrated book. Thus, throughout the task will be revealing information about this world: its history and its place in the field of nowadays applied arts; skills, styles and profiles of these professionals; the materials, methods and techniques to use and the market sectors that require the illustrators. To finally arrive to the essence of the illustration, this in practice will be represented in the final product: the illustrated book. Definitely, a theoretical and practical research towards the creation of a form of communication and expression, tied to a profile and style of each author.


"Què diria si et parles, deu contes a l'ombra d'un monstre"

Ten stories that speak on behalf of ten characters, with ten different personalities and ten different situations and circumstances, but with the same common denominator: a monster in the shadow. A monster that makes them vulnerable in the world around them; A gloom that chases them and drags them. A collection of stories and illustrations that want to explain one of many looks to the world.




Marc Plana


Isaura Creus





Isaura Creus

Isaura Creus