Graphic identity of tbe band Triste Camaleón

End of degree project


This project lies in the creation of a visual language and all the needed graffic applications to create and promote the music band Triste Camaleón. In the first phase, we go through the different artistic movements, authors and disigners who, historically, have led to a sudden rupture on the outgoing tradition, with the aim of adopting or creating new methodologies that would break the disign perception as an aseptic language and merely communicative with the purpose of creating a more expressive image. Referents who stand by the idea that communication goes beyond the legibility and that sometimes, expressivity, in detriment of clarity and objectivity, can help you to communicate in a more proper way

With more detail, the study will focus on the results of more innovative methodologies, in their own context, capables of expressing the darkest and deepest sides within human beings. Researching how to create images capable of connecting the audience with an emotional bag that is not commonly seen in contemporary design, intending to stay away from the established rules and ongoing trends to express that that Jung named as the shade. Such a concept wants to show the most negative and unexplored features within us, which hide unconsciously no matter how uncomfortable they can be or the disgust they can provoke when you try to accept them and let them free.




Marc Plana


Eloi Crusells

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Eloi Crusells

Eloi Crusells