Fits you, fashion 2.0

End of degree project


Study of the evolution of fashion and new technologies. Creation of the application prototype in the IOS operating system.

Today, and increasingly, technology is present in our daily life. This trend has also increased in the fashion sector, leading to a change in consumer habitats in society for the massive introduction of technology in the sector. Another aspect that has modernized the concept of fashion has been the increase in the demand of a qualified person to orient the client to make purchases correctly: the image consultant.

Based on these needs and changes detected, the project "Fits You" is born, a self-help tool set in the fashion sector that aims to guide users during their purchases applying basic concepts of image counseling from the phone Mobile.

In this way, the application offers a different opportunity to the Web pages of online buying of textile products, that only show the catalogue of the available articles and only allow their acquisition, allowing the companies to differentiate themselves from the Competition.




Francesc Font


Aina Guardiola

graphic design




Aina Guardiola

Aina Guardiola