Designing a food experience to improve the nutrition of pediatric oncology patients

End of degree project


The investigation of this Final Degree Project, concentrated the study of past, present and future of food, is focused on the design of a experience to improve nutrition and mealtime of children and teenagers with cancer undertaking chemotherapy.


The aim of this research is to explore, firstly, food potential and new ways of understanding it and, secondly, to apply this knowledge to creating an experience where possibilities of food will be exploited to solve a real problem.
In the first place, investigation concentrates on understand what food is, how it is seen in our culture –occidental culture-, and why this conceptualization is changing. The main driver of modification is the discovery of food as a multisensory element and, furthermore, the potential that it has as an applied art inside food design discipline.

In the second place, there is a practice-oriented development work focused on creating an experience to verify previous investigation; in that section it is possible to see how to exploit multisensory perception and art characteristics of food, making a design to improve a field where food is a topic of relevance. The improvement of nutrition, and the meal, of children and teenagers with cancer can have very positive effects on the illness overpass. The complexity of the topic can show, at the same time, what is the potential of food and disciplines like ‘food design’ or ‘eating design’.






Marc Plana


Marianna Espinós




Marianna Espinós

Marianna Espinós