Deseo de ser punk

Performing Arts


Deseo de ser punk is a kind of diary-letter from Martina, the main character and narrator, a 16-year-old adolescent who is experiencing a existential identity crisis and explains her dissatisfaction with the environment that surrounds her. Martina is a trivial, middle-class character, with a family, school and professional background. This character represents disagreement in adolescence, rock music and the resistance to deception of the adult world, in such a way that the dominant ideology is questioned and thus manifests itself against the one established by the logic of capital and its push for consumption. A reality that is determined by the events of December 4th, which will change her life forever and ever. It's about Vera's father, one of her friends. With his death, she feels like an orphan, there is no familiar, or friendly, or philosophical, or political, or literary discourse that can give her the thread to find her own voice. Since then, Martina will make decisions and fight to have a code in life, like the one Vera's father had. It will be in the punk movement where she will find answers… Throughout the tour, the actress is accompanied by a camera that captures small-scale images that are shown to the public and thus brings us closer to her transcendental world in contrast to the reality on display.




Ane Da Silva, Irene Pérez, Iris Medina



Irene Pérez

Irene Pérez

Iris Medina

Iris Medina