"Cares Noves"



The project that is presented is the creation of a documentary, framed on the final project. The aim of the project is to explore the use of audiovisual material to transmit the emotions and sensations of a young mayoral candidate of a small village. The documentary is focused on the mayoral candidate of the CUP in Anglès (Girona, Spain), during the election campaign of the municipal elections of 2015.

The methodology of this documentary is the performative documentary, a model of documentary that shows a reality created from the action between the image and the word. The range of the research is micro sociological, as it shows a small part of our society, and the depth is exploratory and descriptive, as the documentary is not trying to explain a phenomenon but to show it.

From a participatory perspective, the projects intends to make the camera a mirror, where the candidate can see himself so he can make reflections about his public and private image. As for texture and lighting, the documentary takes advantage of natural light environments, trying to impact as little as possible in the transmission of the reality of the candidate.


On May 24th 2015, municipal elections were held in the Spanish state. In Anglès, a village of about 5,500 inhabitants of the region of La Selva (Girona), the candidacies of popular unity (CUP in its Catalan acronym) were running for the first time.

Sergi Riera, twenty-seven year old candidate, led this project, running for mayor in Anglès. The candidacie presented a very young list, such as Sergi his own, who is followed by the camera from the beginning of the electoral campaign until election day.

In this documentary, Sergi will guide us through the images, as we follow him during the election campaign. But also, because he will explain and analyze the various campaign events and he will reflect upon his public and private character. An introspective journey about the candidate, allowing us to evolve from his political, social and personal reflections.




Isadora Guardia


Marc Auladell





Marc Auladell

Marc Auladell