End of degree project


“Born” is a project created to express a personal view on death. 

Through video-format, key poetic and abstract presents death as a change. 

The death has been understood in different ways throughout history according to scientific and technological progress for each period. 

Changes in cultural practices have degenerated into a generalized fear of death. So death is seen as a “problem.” 

For the ancestors of our culture of death had a very important role in society, to the point that they based their lives preparing for death; the old beliefs were based on an afterlife. The great mystery of mankind is based on discovering what comes after death. 

Despite the scientific and technological advances, today still could not see if there really is life after life. For now the only certainty of science on the subject is the death of the body. 

In contrast to science, there are witnesses who claim to have returned from the dead. This debate focuses on whether these people were not really dead, and these experiences are generated by the mind, or that there really is a new way of existence notwithstanding the life we know. 

There is a theory which states that biocentrism death exists only in our mind as we know it. The explanation is also wrong when we perceive time and space, so that they are not really linear. Assuming that there is not only a universe where the events occur with linearity, and we wonder whether in fact there are parallel universes where everything happens at the time to then death has no place and is presented as a change in the multi-verse. 

The history of art is full of representations of death and assumptions of what will happen after death. “Born” presents a personal view of death, understood in a positive multi-verse.




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