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End of degree project


Cromograma is a company project that offers all those services related to audiovisual communication. Customers can contact Cromograma who, through the generated Brieng, will offer various project development alternatives.

The main objective of Cromograma is to offer audiovisual communication services to companies that require this need. Thus, Cromograma develops multimedia, graphic design, advertising and audiovisual projects.
Once the request has been received by the client, Cromograma will carry out an exhaustive analysis of the needs and potentialities of each one of the demands, within the framework of an interdisciplinary team.

It is in this sense that Cromograma is lending itself to carry out the complete development of the project, from start to; As well as providing for the partial development of specific tasks, in other companies that are carrying out projects in the field of audiovisual communication, and that require our services for the specialization that implies certain Operations.




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Jordi Trijueque