Archive for the brand identities of Girona

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AIMAG project is the first brand archive of the companies from the city of Girona.


AIMAG project arises from the idea of creating the first brand archive of the city of Girona. The purposes of this project are numerous but it’s key objectives are to preserve the historical heritage of the city and to offer a catalogue of brands from the city that can provide to anyone who is interested a source of public information. The social and participative side of the project is an interesting target to achieve so that every citizen is able to identify itself with the content and is able to make use of it without restrictions.

The project will consist of two different ways for the audience to consult it. A digital one, which will be a website where all brands will be listed, and it will be easily refreshed with new information, and a physical one, which will be edited one time as a book but it will have to be edited more times when new enterprises from Girona decide to take part in the project.





Isadora Guardia


Jordi Fornells



Physical file


Jordi Fornells

Jordi Fornells