Animales de cristal


"Animales de cristal" is a transmedia project that talks about the fear of growing through: a contemplative and introspective short film and a complementary website that allows you to delve more into the subject.

Through this work we plan to reach all those people who are at a point in their lives where they feel that they are in a "limbo" between the child and the adult.

We seek, through Zoe's story, to represent all those young people and to create an experience through which they feel identified.

The short narrates, in a nutshell, a farewell. But it's not just a farewell, but a transition that will allow Zoe to make the leap to maturity. This change in Zoe's life arouses her fear of growing, revealing another set of feelings, such as nostalgia, loneliness and fragility.






Terenci Corominas, Pere Puigbert, Jordi Caralt, David Gimbernat, Arnau Gifreu


Sergi Salas, Albert Almario, Laura Gázquez, Guillermo Enrique Osorto, Marti Aguer, Ingrid Miralpeix, Agusti Lopez, Ernest Fernandez, Imanol Fernández, Aina Quintana, Claudia Augé, Albert Luis, Pau Rodríguez


 SGAE Nova Autoria Awards

SGAE Nova Autoria Awards

Transmedia Inmersive University

Transmedia Inmersive University

Defy Film Festival

Defy Film Festival

Linz International Film Festival

Linz International Film Festival


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