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Propostes escèniques dels treballs finals en Arts Escèniques

Es podran veure a L'Ateneu de Celrà, El Canal Centre d'Arts Escèniques de Salt,lca Sala la Planeta de Girona i a la La Cate - Entitat cultural de Figueres.

The projects include theatrical performances and a musical show, which will be open to the public. Below is the list and links to the entries. We invite everyone to attend and enjoy these diverse and creative works of art. Tickets can be obtained through the links provided. Don't miss the opportunity to experience the talent and vision of these young artists! A Strange Angel by Berta Calvo. Have you ever felt like you were making the wrong decision? Sometimes decisions come with an expiry date, perhaps this has already expired. A putrefaction made necrosis by Laura Gómez, A putrefaction made necrosis; a monster with four mouths; a sock wet with sand; a rusty knife; a trampled flower; a hair in the food; I put a wound on her; I have yellow teeth; a vibrator with dry fluids; I am a postmodern spawner; the remains of the remains they have left me; an excluded identity, which is not mine, or yes; a social margin; I am a perpetrated stereotype; an inveterate transvestite; an identity confusion; a genre that does not exist in itself. Mamá quiero ser cantante by Melanie Berm�dez. Mama quiero ser cantante is a demonstration of some of the themes that will finally form my EP. It is an example for the world, but especially for me, of what I am capable of doing. Sad death of Sergi Millan. Information is corruption and the loss of sanity. When a mortal entity finds the purpose of its destiny it ceases to exist. If you were here, Judith Garc�a would not be happening. It wants to be a performative stage experience dedicated to those who have not been born, but above all, to those who live with this fact. In L'ABISME� by Paula Creus and J�lia Cruañas, it is born from the need to express ourselves, to put words to a vital moment full of uncertainty. No fucking grace from Anaïs Méndez. I'm sure you have something better than doing a Jew or a Friday afternoon, we're not going to fool ourselves. Puzzle by Jordi Cumaleras. A frustrated actor is hired as the principal of the school where he attended primary and secondary school. Frenes�� by Clara Perez, Marina Freixas and Cristina David. Three young girls assemble a powerful sound team. It could be in a field, under a bridge, in a warehouse, in an abandoned monastery, but that is not the case. Gastarbeiter Invited to survive by Cl� udia Santos. Ana, a young girl who lives in a small town in Castilla y Le�n, � vila, at the age of fifteen is forced to migrate to Germany to help her family survive. �