New Top Up's and SICUE program calendar

At ERAM we have agreements with universities in foreign countries, so that our students have the opportunity to study an ERASMUS, PROMETEU, SICUE (in Spain) or other agreements outside Spain.

The goal of these agreements is to ensure the professional success of their students, and internationalization is of paramount importance in this regard.

These offers give students the opportunity to pursue a double degree called "TOP UP" abroad. This year we have expanded with new Top Ups from De Montfort University, Leicester UK, at the Degree in Audiovisual Communication and Multimedia> See all Top Up's 

The rector’s resolution has also recently been published, agreeing on the public announcement of places in the SICUE program for the 2021-22 academic year, to carry out validable studies at universities in Spain.

Applications can be done through the MOBOUT platform from February 12 to March 4, 2021.

All the information on this call can be found on the website of the Foreign Relations Office, in the SICUE section.

Here is a summary of the calendar of the SICUE 2021/22 call:


  • 12/02 to 04/03/2021> Submission of applications>
  • 05 to 11/03/2021> Approval of academic leaders
  • from 12 to 18/03/2021> Granting of places by the heads of the centers
  • 22/03/2021> Publication of the provisional resolution of places granted / denied>
  • 03/22 to 03/25/2021> Acceptance or resignation of a place granted by students>
  • 06 to 12/04/2021> Reassignment of vacancies (center managers)>
  • not later than 14/04/2021> Final resolution of places