Melissa Caminha releases "Choo choo clown" on January 31 in the "Almazen" creation space

Melissa teaches clowning at the Bachelor of Performing Arts.

Melissa's show is the result of an arts-based inquiry, the argument being part of the thesis "Pallasses: Històries, Cossos i Formes de Representar la Comicitat des d'una perspectiva de gènere"

Physical theater show with English texts, aimed at adults and young people (from 16 years old). Choo Choo Show is a wonderful sci-fi journey in which the clown Lavandinha crosses various comic territories, such as a clown, a buffoon and a drag. A poetic day that goes from the sweet flower to the monstrous pussy, full of tears, laughter and glitter. An adventure that invites you to dream of new possible worlds, with fantastic, magical and tragicomic beings.

January 31 at 9:00 pm in the ALMAZEN space in Barcelona.