L’OR BLAU, Exhibition to raise awareness of water consumption

Domestic Data Streamers produces a sample of three interactive pieces that make us think about water consumption in society.

The company Domestic Data Streamers (DDS), made up of a team of professionals who are in charge of transforming data into interactive systems and experiences, presents the exhibition l’OR BLAU, one of their latest works. The exhibition will be open to the public until April 18, 2021 at the Palau Robert in Barcelona.

In the words of the designers "L'OR BLAU is a temporary exhibition with free admission that, together with the Catalan water agency, invites you to discover what lies behind the daily gesture of turning on a tap. What are the urgent challenges society is facing to ensure the supply of water for a growing population and what will be the possible futures of this?".

Under the direction of Joan Planes, professor of Interactive Design at the ERAM University School, former students Pau Horta Lladó and Pol Valverde Valverde have been in charge of the development of the exhibited pieces.

The exhibition consists of three pieces. First, the piece "Tú y el Agua", an interactive multi-screen App that allows the user to subjectively describe what water is. This response then enters a sea of ​​floating responses associated with images of the collective imagination.

Second, the piece "El ciclo del agua". It is a light installation that runs through some LED "pipes". Through a sound and visual tour, the entire process that water follows is revealed, starting with its capture in rivers, followed by the processes of purification, domestic and / or industrial use and its return to the environment.

Finally, in the last showroom, Joan Planes has produced the piece "Futuros Hídricos", an interactive piece where the visitor can decide and/or vote on what they think the future of water should be based on a question that is asked previously. The electronic development, the programming and the interface design has been entirely carried out by him.