Lluís Homar and Oscar Valsecchi impart an interpretation seminar to the degree in performing arts

It is the fourth time that Lluís Homar exercises a teaching collaboration in the GAE, in which he premiered as a professor during the course 2014/2015.

The seminar will be held entirely in the Canal of Salt (Performing Arts Center).

The Homar-Valsecchi team has been perfecting its teaching offer centering in "the search for the person who holds the interpreter". This year will especially work the feeling or experience of joy, and his other face, sadness.

The seminar with Homar and Valsecchi always ends up becoming one of the most intense experiences of the students of the degree in Performing Arts throughout their four years of university studies.

The participation of Lluís Homar and Oscar Valsecchi responds to the criterion of the degree of counting among its teachers with the best professionals in the sector.

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