La Llegenda del Tarlà, ara més que mai

El Tarlà és un comte interactiu basat en la llegenda de la ciutat de Girona. Amb aquesta eina d’aprenentatge, els nens descobriran les històries més populars i representatives de Girona.

In these moments of confinement to encourage families in Girona, Girona City Council has published the app on its municipal website, on the page of the Spring Festival, so that everyone can know and paint the ? ? Auca del Tarl�, and even follow it on video. Tarl�, is an educational application based on the legend rooted in the popular culture of the city of Girona, and which has its representation in the events that are celebrated at the Spring Festivals. This app is free and was designed by ERAM to PLAY, a project of the ERAM University School, formed by different professionals related to the visual arts. And with the support of a KREAS grant from Girona City Council. The game has 12 screens with different scenarios and a game with clothes to dress up the protagonists who are 2 children, Narc�s and Júlia. The app is available on the App Store for both iPhone and iPad, and it's a great way for kids to get started in the world of reading through storytelling. In addition to exploring and recognizing scenes inspired by Medieval Girona.