Jordi Koalitic, ERAM alumni, will give a creative photography workshop at ERAM

Jordi is the Spanish tiktoker with the most followers in 2020, 19.8MFollowers.

Jordi Puig is a photographer born in Catalonia who studied Audiovisual Communication at ERAM because he wanted to dedicate himself to making film and video. Together with his twin brother Arnau he started this creative photography project called Jordi Koalitic.

To achieve these spectacular effects of their images, Jordi and his brother use everyday objects such as a bottle of water, an orange or literally anything. After taking the photo - a process that can take hours to get - use Adobe Lightroom (and a bit of Photoshop) to edit it.

Jordi koalitic works for big brands and characters like Redbull, La Sexta, TV3, Nike, Adidas, Will Smith, Mercedes, Lamborghini ... Among many others.

Jordi has been recognized among the 100 Best Influencer Forbes, an American magazine known for publishing the list of the most powerful characters in the world in all fields.

Next November 26 we will have it in the school giving a workshop, where the students of the degrees of the ERAM can access.