INPUT looks up

Girona hosts INPUT, the first photographic exhibition of emerging talent in public space. For the first time in Catalonia, banners, a space reserved for advertising, will be transformed into an outdoor exhibition.

The INPUT photographic exhibition is born, a project selected for one of the KREAS 2020 scholarships of Girona City Council and which also has the support of the Girona Provincial Council, which aims to give visibility to the emerging talent of the Girona counties.
From November 10, the public of Girona will be able to enjoy a different and surprising outdoor exhibition in the Central Park. Spaces such as banners, usually reserved for advertising, will be the perfect setting to give visibility to new talent in the world of photography, and their creations, to conquer public space.
In this first edition, the exhibition has collaborated with the ERAM University School to select the two finalists; Marta Ribas and Mar Yue Teixidor. Both projects are a testament to the talent and potential of local art and the value of mile zero. The association with the ERAM arises naturally, a school that in recent years has begun to generate talent to nurture the Girona audiovisual sector, and that the INPUT has not wanted to miss this great opportunity.
Contra-utopia is the project of 22-year-old Palamosina, Marta Ribas. A photographic project based on the progression of a utopian society towards an imminent dystopia where the protagonist leads us through the idealization of the future, and concludes with the most negative and undesirable parts of this dystopian future.
On the other hand, the proposal of the 21-year-old from Girona, Mar Yue Teixidor, called SUBSOL, a photographic essay that starts with a speech focused on time and that questions the permanence of memory.
The INPUT exhibition aims to revitalize the city's public space in a space for exhibition and contemplation of young photographers in the province, to become a mainstay for visual culture.
The show is born to highlight this increasingly digital and changing world, where social media reveals millions of photographs a day and where the force of these fades into a semiotic sea impossible to stop. That's why he bets on a physical sample and in a public space.