Genís Carreras has made the graphic image of the Barcelona Pensa 2019 philosophy festival

Studio Carreras is the design and illustration studio of Genís Carreras, a former student and design teacher of ERAM, specialized in brand projects, printing and publishing.

Genís (Studio Carreras) is passionate about creating ingenious, minimal and bold visual communication pieces for brands, events and publications. Specialist in brand identity, art direction, printing, icon design, editorial design and web, for big and small customers around the world.

Genís works for brands such as Sony Music, Google, The New York Times and We Transfer among many other recognized brands.

Barcelona Pensa is a festival promoted by the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Barcelona and aims to disseminate, approach and transmit philosophy. Coinciding with the World Philosophy Day of UNESCO, the festival is committed to the right to philosophy as a fundamental feature of a critical and participatory culture in which everyone has to be able to feel involved.

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