"Atlàntida o com desaparèixer", Final Degree Project in Performing Arts

Of the creation, which can be seen on the 23rd and 24th of May in El Canal of Salt, will leave the final degree project of the 6 participating students.

Who has not wished to disappear? Who has not feared to disappear? What if the only way to do a play of the disappearance was simply not to do it?

All these questions fly over "Atlàntida o com desaparèixer", a final degree project of the students of the Degree in Performing Arts, directed by Alberto Conejero, one of the most active playwrights and theatrical directors of the contemporary scene. This play can be viewed on May 23rd and 24th at El Canal of Salt Center of Performing Arts.

In this kaleidoscopic creation, which has as its starting point the Atlantis of Jacint Verdaguer, converge the different poetics that the students have acquired during their formation in the ERAM, the center that offers the only official university study of Catalonia in the field of the Performing Arts, and one of the two throughout the Spanish state. For all (April, Ari, Eva, Ferran, Paula and Yaiza), this final assembly of studies means a point of arrival but, above all, the beginning of its professional path.

The play has been worked from the tools of autofiction to give the six students the opportunity to occupy one of the "capsules" of the sample: hence its fragmentary nature but cohesive by the concept of "disappearance", which unites dramaturgy the sample.

Alberto Conejero also emphasizes that "it is not about generating the most rounded spectacle but of exploring the poetics and desires of the students. There will be fissures, of course; fragile and even hesitant areas. For me it is important that the work is honest, that it does not try to hide the obstacles of the process and even areas compromised. It has to be used to make a diagnosis, an examination, of its creative power and not to generate an appearance of closed spectacle".

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