"Ardara", María García Vera's last project

"Ardara" will be shown for the first time at the In-Edit Barcelona festival the next 3rd of november, and the 22nd of november on the cinemas.

ERAM's teacher María García Vera takes part on the "Adara" project, a fiction directed by Raimon Fransoy and Xavier Puig.

"Adara" is the story about three young people who start a journey from which they will not return and constitutes a reflection about the act of telling stories and reinventing the past.

The first showing of the film will be done on November 3rd at the "Aribau Multicines" cinema, and the viewers will be able to listen to the live performance of the original soundtrack by the composer himself, Ricky Falkner and the musicians Nico Roig, David Soler, Baldo Martínez and Xavi Molero, with Núria Graham's special collaboration.

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