11 stage proposals from the ERAM University School will invade Girona's theaters

This spring, La Planeta theater hall has scheduled three EU ERAM student's shows

The three shows are part of the Cicle Primerencs at Sala Planeta. The first has been Katja Diao, with her show Hermana, ya no, that has been seen on April 15 and 16. The second show, by Ane de Silva, is Deseo de ser Punk that can be seen on May 5 and 6 and finally the show L’Ultim Sífir, by Aram Pou on May 13 and 14.

Katja Diao, graduated in performing arts at ERAM, obtained a grant from the production company Africa Moment to stage her first professional creation, premiered at the Hangar de Barcelona. Hermana, ya no is a self-fiction monologue in which the actress, of senegalese origin, shares her vision on race and gender issues through her life experience.

Ane de Silva has adapted the book Deseo de ser Punk by Belén Gopegui to the theater. Ane, apart from interpreting the piece, is in charge of the dramaturgy, along with Irene Pérez, Silva's partner in the Performing Arts degree and author of the project's direction. Deseo de ser Punk is a work of apparently simple structure: the monologue in the form of a letter by Martina, an adolescent who, after the death of a friend's father, faces her particular process of growth and maturation.

Finally, Aram Pou will present L’Últim Sífir, a show that amalgamates circus, theater, dance and magic in a stimulating and original way, a dreamlike journey through surprising landscapes and atmospheres. The author has been in charge of the creation, the interpretation and the scenography.

For its part, at the Teatre del Canal de Salt you can see the show La gepa de les verges (i ni gepa ni verge) by Eva Grabuleda and Berta Castells, a scenic piece that can be seen on April 21 and 22, speaks of a specific generation of young women, from here and now. The piece becomes the speaker of the common landscape.

On April 29 and 30, the theater will host the show L'atelier by Carla Briansó, Carla Sacristan, Bintou Mballo, Betty Manau, Raquel Romero and Paola Rivera. On the same Thursday 29, Harpreed Gil together with Flor Laiño present at the Ateneu de Celrà Trilok (sold out).

The Celrà Athenaeum will host on May 7 the show Ens movem entre polièster a la recerca d'una nova tendresa by Dolça Alcañiz and Claudia Vicenç. This year we will also have street proposals, such as the one from the student Camille Latron with Y la casa por la ventana, that can be seen on May 12 in a space yet to be defined.

And finally, three more shows can be seen at the Teatro del Canal; on May 14 with Con el coño, by Aina Casadevall, Aina Cots, Elvira Fàbrega and Tania Matas, on May 20 and 21 with Anomalía y Excepción by María Cambil and, finally, on June 19 and 20 with Marc Ambite's proposal.

The Degree in Performing Arts promotes the professional opportunities of its students with agreements that allow their creations to be visible in different theaters, exhibition spaces, festivals and performing arts fairs. The Sala La Planeta, the El Canal Theater or the Celrà Athenaeum host each season a selection of the shows derived from the final graduation work of the students, and the teachers of the degree in performing arts supervise the realization of these productions with the intention to give them a professional and professional invoice.