Girona is a very popular tourist attraction in Catalunya for its historic architecture, gastronomy and cultural events.

Discover Girona

Girona has a privileged location, right in the middle between the sea and the mountains, an hour by train from Barcelona. The city and its surrounding are one of the richest regions of Spain. Girona, nestled between four rivers, is a charming city and a hot spot with its many cultural offerings at any time of the year. The combination of green areas and old stones makes the old town a spectacular maze of beautiful royal gardens and ancient castle walls. Girona's, also named Gerunda during the roman period, allows us to walk through its incredible historical fortifications and castle walls that where build around the Cathedral to defend the city from its many foreign attackers through the ages. Thanks to excellent transport links, Girona is very closed to the Empordà, the Costa Brava and the Pyrenees, and only an hour from Barcelona (by car or train) and near Perpignan (France).


Vivid Cultural Life

Girona is known also because was recently the backdrop of the Game of Thrones shooting and appeared on the 6th season of the Tv serie. During the year, the university students bring the streets to life with numerous activities in Girona's many cozy coffee bars and live music pubs. You mustn’t miss the Girona’s cultural, social, gastronomic, nightlife and sport activities.


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